Verbal reasoning, PSYCHO-TECHNICAL TEST Nº 1

1. Which of these words do not match with the rest?
2. Which of the words do not mach with the rest?
3. I am a man. If Juan's kid is the father of my son, what am i of Juan?
4. Which of the words do not mach with the rest?
5. Which of the words do not mach with the rest because of the meaning?
6. Which of the words do not mach with the rest?
7. Poder legislativo es a Cortes Generales como poder Ejecutivo es a:
8. Comedy is to Dramatic like Novel is to:
9. Thomas, Peter, Jaime, Susan y Julia made the test. Julia got the better puntuation than Thomas, Jaime marked lower than Peter but higher than Susan, and Peter got less mark than Thomas. Who got the higest mark?
10. PEAR is to APPLE like POTATO is to:
11. Complete this analogy with one word of five letters finished in H.
12. In this group, show the two words that, by it significate, do not show the same concept.
13. Mountain is to earth like swirl is to
14. Which of the words do not mach with the rest?
15. Look for the two words with the most similar meaning. (a) beam (b) bulk (c) laughter (d) beam (e) collection
16. Potential is to high as kinetic is to ...
17. axiomatic is unequivocal as zuzar is ...
18. Fran is HSCN as RBDMQ is ...
19. Japan is yen as Algeria is ...
20. E-book is to electric as book is to …

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Lidia 29/10/2016
Está mal hecho. Beauty es un nombre. el adjetivo sería beautiful. Y el opuesto de novela no es narrativa, sería el equivalente.
tere 04/08/2016
isn´t beauty a noun?
Gerard ( 11/02/2014
Lastima! este ultimo ejercicio ha sido ttraducido mediante un traductor informaticon y se nota.

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