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Psycho-technical tests and intelligence for free and online, or increase the IQ of your brain or approve oppositions with over 50 test drawn from tests of bases of announcements, contest opposition from City Hall or community of Madrid, Andalusia, valencia, Castile la mancha, asturias, of the State; of Ordinance, driver library, or administrative assistant, janitor, fireman, police, civil guard, armed forces, subordinate body or work with presets. Test of visual memory, figures, math, free verbal reasoning and numerical, and in Spanish. Soon we will include emotional intelligence and personality test..

Mathematics problems


Mathematics exercises with problems answered and exercises of reckoning to obtain the solution of the problem.

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Mathematics problems, PSYCHO-TECHNICAL TEST Nº 1

1. Drawing ina paper one square and two triangles, who many areas can be define? In other way, What is the maximun amount of areas that can be define in a field with a square fence and two triangles fences?
2. Jonnatan purchased a DVD and has cost 300.05 euros. If you've had a reduction of 1/5, how much has been paid:
3. If a library's 1,750 books and made ??two requests: one quarter of the total and another two fifths of the rest ... How many books are:
4. In a water tank there are 4.5 Dl. (Deciliter). If consumed daily 2/4 parts. How many gallons are left after two days:
5. An era is 75 m. long by 4.000 cm. wide. How many inches of fence need for our purpose of surrounding the enclosure:
6. If a parent is now four times the age of his son but within 18 years it only doubles. How old is the father now?:
7. What consecutive odd numbers added together are 16:
8. If escalope kilo costs 5,000 pesetas, will cost 250 euros how many grams?:
9. Three masons made ??by parties charged a house and 6490.92 euros. If the first was a part, the second two and the third three, how charged the third:
10. If a truck makes 5 trips per hour for a sinkhole terrain Lodar. How many done in three quarters of an hour:
11. If an appliance store refrigerator bought a EUR 180.3 4% discount and a lamp of 60 euros with 2% discount, how much we spent?:
12. If I lose my stamp collection 2, or what is the same for 4% of the total. How many stamps had:
13. What interest would produce 100,000 pesetas to 6.5% for 2 years:
14. How many seconds is 2 hours and 5 minutes?
15. How many miles is 2,300 m., 10 dam. and 100,000 mm. :
16. You buy a used truck and it costs 162,000 euros and you spend to get it working for 6% of its value. They offer 173,000 euros for him, how much have you won?:
17. Antonio carried in a pocket coins of 1 and 2 euros. How many 2-euro coins will if you have 12 coins with a total of 17 euros:
18. Find two numbers whose product is 120 and their difference 6. How much added:
19. On the computer we have expanded a document of 29.7 cm. long x 15 cm. width to achieve a 45 cm. wide. What is the height:
20. If circuit bicycling at 25 km / h, how many kilometers go about from 9:30 to 13:30 pm:

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Mathematics exercises with problems answered and exercises of reckoning to obtain the solution of the problem.

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