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Psycho-technical tests and intelligence for free and online, or increase the IQ of your brain or approve oppositions with over 50 test drawn from tests of bases of announcements, contest opposition from City Hall or community of Madrid, Andalusia, valencia, Castile la mancha, asturias, of the State; of Ordinance, driver library, or administrative assistant, janitor, fireman, police, civil guard, armed forces, subordinate body or work with presets. Test of visual memory, figures, math, free verbal reasoning and numerical, and in Spanish. Soon we will include emotional intelligence and personality test..

Administrative capacity


Administrative capacity test which you have to organize the words in alphabetical order, recognize syllables that contains one word and take concepts of wirten tests.

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Administrative capacity, PSYCHO-TECHNICAL TEST Nº 1

A file is organized into eight sections according to the Spanish alphabet. Each section contains a certain amount of letters in order. The first paragraph and the eighth have two letters each. The section that ranks equidistant between the section number three, paragraph number seven has five letters. Paragraphs number two, four, and seven have four letters. The penultimate section must have the same number of letters paragraph three is one more than the section number eight.

Each of the following questions there are three words which cater to these criteria. Should classify the corresponding words:

- If the first and third word beginning with a consonant is ranked third.
- If the first and third word beginning with a vowel is classified first.
- If the second and third word starts with a vowel is ranked second.
- If the second and third word beginning with a consonant is classified first.

Each of the responses offered is formed by the paragraph number where it is located alphabetically, the number corresponding to the number of consonants that have the words and the letter that ends each word.
1. safe, fair, badge
2. yacht, fencing, orthopedics
3. ominous, bedlam, philanthropist
4. neophyte, unlearned, proselyte
In the following text, there are a number of typos, find them:
5. 1. Citizens and public authorities are subject to the Constitution and the rest of the legal system.

Two. corresponds to the public authorities promober the conditions for the livertad and equality of individuals and groups in which they belong are real and effective, removing the obstacles that hinder their inpidan or plenituz and facilitate the participation of all citizens in the life political, economic, cultural and social.
6. Three. The Constitution guarantees the principle of legality, the ranking is normative, advertising standards, iretroactividad of punitive provisions not faborables or restrict individual rights, legal certainty, accountability and the prohibition of arbitrary action by the public authorities.
7. Which of the following sets of words are properly ordered by the Spanish alphabet?
In the following exercise has to count all the A, C, V, L displayed text (if any letters have accents not count).
8. 1. The Freedom of ideology, religion and worship of individuals and communities with no restriction on their expression than may be necessary for the maintenance of public order protected by law

2. No one may be compelled to testify about his ideology, religion or beliefs.

Three. No religion shall have a state character. The public authorities shall take into account the religious beliefs of Spanish society and shall consequently maintain appropriate cooperation with the Catholic Church and other confessions .
9. 1. Everyone has the right to the effective protection of judges and courts in the exercise of their rights and legitimate interests, without, in no case may a lack of defense.

2. Asimismo, todos tienen derecho al Juez ordinario predeterminado por la Ley, a la defensa y a la asistencia de letrado, a ser informados de la acusación formulada contra ellos, a un proceso público sin dilaciones indebidas y con todas las garantías, a utilizar los medios de prueba pertinentes para su defensa, a no declarar contra sí mismos, a no confesarse culpables y a la presunción de inocencia.

La Ley regulará los casos en que, por razón de parentesco o de secreto profesional, no se estará obligado a declarar sobre hechos presuntamente delictivos.

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Administrative capacity test which you have to organize the words in alphabetical order, recognize syllables that contains one word and take concepts of wirten tests.

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